Friday, August 31, 2007

Disturbing pics on smoke packs to curb smoking!

Continuing my tirade against a hypocritical Anti-smoking Bill proposed by Anbumani Randoss (see previous post)

The ultimate nanny state, good ol’ England, has gone a step further in messing with people’s minds.

The Telegraph Online publication headline reads:

‘Cigarette packets to display smoking diseases’

Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, unveiled the move conceding that the written warning was loosing its impact.

By the end of next year, every cigarette packet must carry one of 15 stark images on the effects smoking can have on the human body.

One image shows a pair of healthy lungs next to diseased organs, with the warning: "Smoking causes fatal lung cancer."

Firstly, kudos to the English Minister, at least he had the cajones to raise the bar higher. Our bureaucrats were left yelping “Ji Mantijee’ helplessly as the invertebrate minister went ahead with his diabolical scheme of ‘doing nothing’ .Nothing substantial at the least.

Here’s an idea Anbu, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and do something real, than merely harping about public health.

But, the real conundrum lies in the fact that he can do very little to make others quit smoking with his warnings and ‘danger’ signs. Even the distinguished gent (sic) from Britain may just prevent people, youngsters especially, from taking up smoking.

News flash messieurs, they know what’s wrong with smoking and that they are headed towards a bleak pus-filled-degenerating-lunged future and also bad breath to add the very least.

Smokers will quit when they want to quit. When they really really want it for themselves. Their reasons may be varied but that’s the general idea.

So quit preaching and leave the smoking masses alone to rot in their tobacco stench, till they want to rise above the smoke cloud and see the world around them.

Did some one say 1984?

Also see the really sick pictures in the link featured in the article linked above. It's a treat...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No cajones...Mr. Minister?

A Bill seeking to provide for pictorial warning on tobacco products with the option of displaying skull and cross bones on their packets was introduced in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

In a mockery of "good intentions" Mr. Ramdoss makes it optional to display the dreaded 'skull n bones' which is a sign largely feared by the devil-in-disguise tobacco lobby.

To add insult to injury he says that the optional labeling is offered "taking into account the religious sentiments expressed by certain sections of society".

Come on Anbi have a heart or at least the balls to go all the way.

With your logic the "Danger" sign should also be made optional or allowed to be modified as per convenience. That will make the world a lot safer.

P.S. No offense to all you smokers out there. Just pointing out the obvious hypocrisy. I am sure none will be taken as it hardly matters. Right?

Link to the story