Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bio Mutiny

Bio mutiny
Voice of the voiceless

I am angry. My rage directed at the establishment, at every person involved in this business of biotech, the students for being mute spectators and the teachers to encourage mediocrity. A mass production of generic individuals subservient to acknowledged authority where deflection from the norm is chastised.

The hackneyed and obsolete education system undermines latent potential of an individual and seldom encourages oblique thinking. The inherent structure of the system suppresses independent view point while rewarding compliance with defined notions. So, a novel idea becomes secondary to the so called primary objective of “achieving merit”.

The gulf between industry and academia is widening by the day. It is an accepted fact that a person has to unlearn his concepts when he or she enters the industry. So why are we investing in infrastructure and machinery when its eventual utility is void? A biotechnology graduate ignorant of practicality is severely restricted in his opportunities. In effect we are educating people to be unemployed as the skill set required for absorption in the industry is absent.

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