Monday, December 04, 2006

In a while...

I breathe in air infused with aspirations and perplexing ignominy that seldom sustains the rhythm of life. Life in itself, a state of mind is devoid of any true indication of its existence. Life becomes the absence of death, nothing more. Asserting its compound, degenerate and lucid forms it bemoans for a reason to be, a purpose to fulfill.

In search of self, it is said, time is elementary. I am not in search of time as a quantity but its worth as an experience, as a truly lived entity. It governs our lives, but yet it is oblivious. We struggle to find it yet it is always right there. Waiting to be sought for, intermingling with our illusion of its scarcity.

I am on a sabbatical albeit a brief one, indefinite in time but only a moment in its conclusion.

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