Monday, July 09, 2007

Just wondering...?

Taj Mahal was inducted into the ‘New7Wonders’ list on 07/07/07 via internet and SMS polls, an initiative undertaken by a Zurich based firm. On the subsequent day, Times Now informed its viewers of the inclusion in a Top Story ticker which read:

‘Taj retains its place amongst the new seven wonders of the world’

The word ‘retains’ may as well be a scripting error, but this is highly unlikely. It reflects and in its connotation perpetuates a long held myth that Taj Mahal was ever a part of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The original seven wonders were listed by the Greeks millennia ago which consisted of only Greek monuments. (see IE link below) Since then no such comprehensive list has been drawn which has global consensus. Neither does the latest poll which has come under harsh criticism by experts for not being democratic or scientific in its methodology.

They, read Times Now channel and other media outlets, need be careful of getting their facts right and not create history in topics where none exists. This casual acceptance of long held beliefs and its subsequent apotheosis exemplifies the tendency to reiterate the most convenient discourse.

In a profession which prides on its relentless pursuit of cold facts the current trend leaves a lot to be desired.


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