Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inching closer to a Big Brother State!

The Indian government in all its enthusiasm is poised to set up a facility to monitor mobile calls . The reason given is probably National Security and what not! It does sound logical right! We fight the bad guys and we need to know what they are talking about. So lets give access to the most clandestine of Indian agencies and maintain records of conversations of common public to 'fight menace'.

This development is vaguely reminiscent of the US Patriot Act announced when the country was in a "state of war". But we here are more than happy to resign our civil liberties with a wink and a smile. I am sure that most of India will be comfortable with this arrangement as they would "see the necessity" of intensified surveillance!!

Anyways, a word of caution to all you perverts out there who live by the dial-a-mate numbers to get on with your suppressed, under lived sorry lives. A government babu may be passing his worthless time listening to your innocuous conversations and maintaining records of it!

I wonder which one's more pathetic. You decide!

Article link:

Government to set up centre to monitor mobile phone calls

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